Spatchcock your bird for an awesome turkey dinner!

Spatchcock! Got your attention? Great! Now let’s talk about making your turkey (or your bird of choice) using the spatchcock preparation technique. It’s quick, easy, and will give you great results! Spatchcocking is a way of splitting your bird so that it lays flat on your cooking surface. Begin by removing any neck parts & gizzards from your bird’s cavity. Then place the bird breast side down on the cutting board. Using a pair of kitchen shears ( I prefer Günter Wilhelm), cut along either side of the backbone cutting away from your body. Cut both sides of the backbone until you are able to remove it (note that it may take some muscle for bigger boned birds). Flatten the bird and use a sharp knife to cut into the breast bone so that it lays flat. Lay the bird flat and cook using your favorite method. Enjoy!

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