In-depth FOG Safe drain guard product review

Sponsored by FOG Safe – Have you heard of the devastating F.O.G. taking over city sewers & house pipes?!? I knew it existed but I didn’t know how bad it was. Fats, Oils, & Greases are slowing and steadily costing everyone money and hurting the environment! Luckily I found out about a pretty cool new tool to help stop the F.O.G.!

The FOG Safe is easy & perfect for the Home Chef, RV Enthusiast, Camper, or Tailgater!  A true environmentalist would not pour that cooking oil out on the ground or water way.  The cool thing about FOG Safe is that after you use your FOG Safe drain guard, you save it to use as a fire starter in your camp fire or BBQ!  Then you have little to no trash & footprint. Allowing you to use the FOG Safe twice!

Keeping fats, oils and grease (FOG) out of our sewers and environment is a Global problem that effects all of us. It cost us money in city sewer repairs and pollution. It’s amazing to think in the UK 18 million liters of cooking oil is poured down the drain every year.  While 2.5 Billion gallons of cooking oil is produced in the US each year.  A large percentage of  that is ending up in our sewer systems.  Any community that shares common plumbing drains, Condo’s, Town houses, High Rises should be using FOG Safe.

Checkout my video review on how you can easily dispose of unwanted Fats, Oils, and Greases by using the awesome FOG Safe drain guard!

You can buy the FOG Safe on the FOG Safe website or on

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