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Snake River Farms Kurobuta Ham Review

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For years I’ve been a big fan of the products from my friends at Snake River Farms! So when they approached me about reviewing a Kurobuta Ham I was very excited!

I was also very curious to see how they were going to ship an 8-pound ham to my home in Arizona.  I was able to select a day that was convenient for me to have my Snake River Farms order delivered. Promptly after my order was accepted, I received tracking info for my Kurobuta Ham. It arrived within a few days and was packed perfectly! The ham was completely frozen, inside of a reusable thermal bag, surrounded by dry ice, and in an insulated box that is environmentally friendly!

For more info about their amazing packaging, check out this link

Since I wanted to experience the ham fully, I decided to cook it according to the instructions they provided in their handy dandy Ham Guide. I’m glad I did because it turned out amazing!

I have to say that in my life, I’ve tried many different hams, and this truly is my favorite. The price is a little higher than other hams, but so is the unrivaled quality and taste! If you’re looking to have a truly hamtastic dining experience, you need to check out the Kurobuta Ham from Snake River Farms!


  1. Heat oven or smoker to 350°F. Remove wrappings from ham; place ham, face down, in a medium roasting pan. Insert an ovenproof meat thermometer, so the tip is centered in the thickest part of the ham, not resting in fat or touching bone. Do not add water or cover.
  2. Heat ham 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours or until internal temperature reaches 140°F **.
  3. Transfer ham to carving board; let stand 10 to 15 minutes before carving.


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