Let’s cowboy up & make the best smoky bone-in ribeye steak ever!

I am Chef & I love food obviously! One of my favorite dishes when I am dinning out is ordering an awesome steak. Nothing can be as satisfying as a perfectly cooked tasty steak & subsequently nothing can be as dissatisfying as an overcooked or tasteless steak. I’ve been fortunate enough to try steaks all over the country at different steakhouses but I have to say my favorite one is in Chicago at the Chicago Chophouse. Unfortunately I cant jump on a plane every time I am in the mood for a tasty steak so I’ve found a way to make an easy & tasty steak at home.

I know the degree of doneness is a personal preference & hotly debated subject but so is the cooking method. In my steak I look for a medium rare doneness & a little bit of smoke. I’ll share with you my tips & tricks to make a really enjoyable steak & experience without breaking the bank. I start off by buying a 2-3 pound bone in ribeye steak commonly known as a cowboy or tomahawk cut steak. It’s great for sharing and it looks beautiful when you are presenting it. You don’t have to buy an expensive steak just make it has a good amount of marbling, the little white specs that you see spread throughout the steak. I enjoy using my Traeger smoker to smoke the steak for 30-45 minutes then I “reverse sear” the steak in my Gunter Wilhelm BBQ pan to finish it off.

Chef Anthony Pro Tip #1- Although some might not be a fan of it I use the Weber iGrill Wireless Thermometer to monitor my steak & it’s doneness.


Chef Anthony Pro Tip #2- I always remove my steak from the heat when it’s 5-10 degrees before my desired doneness. That will keep the steak from overcooking.

Chef Anthony Pro Tip #3 – People talk about this step all the time but rarely do it. It’s important to let your steak “rest” for 10 minutes so that the juices don’t run out once you cut it. Although resting is also hotly debated topic I normally “rest” the steak by placing a piece of aluminum foil loosely tented over the meat to help retain heat. Don’t remove the thermometer probe until after you steak has “rested”. I also sometimes put the steak in an oven that is turnoff and not hot to hold & rest the steak.

Chef Anthony Pro Tip #4 – Leave your steak out of the fridge for 30 minutes before you begin to cook it so that it starts coming to room temperature.

2-3 pound bone-in ribeye also known as a cowboy or tomahawk cut steak
2 oz avocado oil
course sea salt
course ground black pepper

  1. Apply a light coating of avocado oil to all the surfaces of your steak. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt & pepper to each side and light press the seasoning into the steak with your hand.
  2. Smoke your steak at 225 degrees for 30-45 minutes
  3. Heat your grill pan until it reaches 425-450 degrees.
  4. Remove your steak from the smoker and finish off on you grill pan. It will take approximately 3-4 minutes on each side.
  5. Using your Weber iGrill Wireless Thermometer will help you cook your steak to the desired doneness.

My Cowboy cut steak goes great with my Mexican style Street Corn

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